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Cambridge Placement Test

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FU nettkurs - Oslo Nivåtester - Cambridge Placement Test 
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This test is used to place you in the correct Cambridge examination course. You should only use this test if you are considering taking one of our Cambridge examination courses (First Certificate in English, Certificate of Advanced English, Certificate of Proficiency in English, Business English Certificate). You can also take this test if you have scored more than 80% on the general English test. The test takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. You should use at least 20 minutes on Part D. Good Luck!

Please fill in your name and contact details before starting the test.

Post Number and Place:
Date of Birth:
Telephone Number:
E-mail Address:

Course Information:
If you have registered yourself on a course or have an idea of which course you are interested in, please select the course name here:

Where would you like to take a course?

My Language Skills

What is your mother tongue?
Which other languages can you speak?

Listening: When I listen to a native English speaker I understand
Reading: When I read English I understand
Speaking: When I speak English I can say
Writing: When I write in English I can write

You can now start the test. Time Remaining:

There are 4 parts to the test. Please complete all parts of the test.

Choose the best word or phrase to complete each sentence.

1. We regret any caused by the delay in supplying the goods.
2. The house was on fire; huge of smoke could be seen billowing out of the windows.
3. The nurses, who are on strike, deserve our .
4. The children their own way home after school.
5. When she heard the bad news, she into tears.
6. If you want the bus station, go this road and turn left.
7. Be careful when you enter the prison. There are some very guard dogs.
8. It was very early in the morning when the holidaymakers on their journey to the coast.
9. At the of his career his name was never out of the newspapers.
10. The slum areas of the city are due to be in the next two years.
11. A of applause greeted the victorious football team.
12. Since I am not involved in the problem, I can give you an opinion.
13. The tramp down the soup we gave him; he hadn't eaten for weeks.
14. You have had time to consider our proposal and we must ask for a decision now.
15. A for the company made a statement to the press.
16. He arrived on the of four o'clock.
17.Some money has become available and will be to those departments with the greatest needs.

First, look through the following passage to get the general story. Then, fill in each blank with ONE word (NOTE: the answer must be spelled correctly!)

Edward was his way to meet Mary, home was in the small country town of Melchester, just outside which he lived. They to meet there at 7.30, and as Edward walked the town, he was looking forward to the girl he had in love with for nearly a month.
A cyclist shouted to him as he passed, "Watch out! There's a herd of cows blocking the way just the next corner." Edward was afraid cows, and decided to turn back and wait. He stepped off the curb, but didn't notice a car racing him. The car knocked him and he unconscious to the ground. The driver was most upset and said to herself crossly, "If he had been looking where he was going!" She picked up her mobile phone and called an , which arrived shortly afterwards, to take him to hospital.
Edward had cut head, but seemed unharmed. Thinking about it later as he lay recovering in hospital, he told that he wouldn't be so careless . He would look where he was going and, however much in love, would not go about his head in the !

In each of the following sentences choose the correct way of finishing the sentence such that it has exactly the same meaning as the sentence before it.
Example It took me an hour to get here today. I spent ... an hour getting here today.

1. Please explain that notice to me.
Please tell me ...

2. George was late, so we didn't go to the cinema.
If George hadn't

3. It's warmer than it was.
It's not ...

4. The windows should be cleaned.
The windows need ...

5. When the accident happened, 50,000 people were watching the match.
The match was ...

6. They still haven't done the work
The work ...

9. He plays the guitar better than I do.
I .

10. That's the office he works in,
That's the office where

Choose one of the following titles and write a short essay (maximum 300 words) about the topic. If you are thinking about taking a Business English course, please answer question 3.

Choose ONE of the following:
1. A person I greatly admire

2. People live longer now than they did in the past. Discuss the advantages of living longer as well as the problems that can be created by this situation.

3. The company you work for wants to set up project teams in the sales department. Write a report for your line manager discussing the advantages of using teams in the sales office. You should include the following points: a) How team members should be selected b) How the teams should be managed c) A good bonus system for teams who meet their deadlines


Remember to click on "Send dokumentet" at the bottom of this page when you are finished. You must also write in your name ("Avsender") and your e-mail address ("E-adresse") below for us to receive your test. You will be contacted by one of our language consultants when we have marked the test. This usually takes up to 48 hours.



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